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Clan Moffat Society AGM
Moffat, Scotland: 26 - 30 June 2014

The 2014 Clan Moffat Society AGM is being held in Moffat, Scotland. It is being held at the same time as the 700th Anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn and the series of events planned around 27th – 30th June 2014 in the Stirling area. These plans have changed several times in past months, and another change was announced on 4 February 2014. The press release about this is here.

The current line up of planned events is:

Thursday, 26th June
Chief’s Reception and Banquet at Moffat House Hotel.
The Banquet will cost £31 per person.
Friday, 27th June
Clan Moffat Society AGM at the Proudfoot Institute in Moffat.
Friday, 27th June
Presentation of the Awards for the Writers' Competition being hosted by the Clan Moffat UK Group at the Proudfoot Institute in Moffat.
Friday, 27th June – evening Pipefest – a parade from Stirling Castle led by over 1,000 pipers and drummers. All Clans are invited to be part of this.

There will be a bus from Moffat to Stirling in the afternoon to be ready to take part in this. The bus will return soon after Pipefest finishes, so if you want to stay later than this you'll need to make alternate travel arrangements.
The bus will cost £13 per person.
Saturday 28th – Sunday 29th June Bannockburn Live. A re-enactment of the Battle of Bannockburn and Clan Village. Clan Moffat Society and Clan Moffat UK are sharing a tent in the Clan Village. You can choose to go on one or more of these 3 days, and use other days for local sight-seeing in and around Moffat. (note you must have a ticket for each day you plan to attend).

Note during these two days, entry to the new Visitor Centre will be restricted to those holding a "King's Pass".

There will be a bus from Moffat to Bannockburn each day. This will allow drop off and pickup near the event and it is strongly recommended that you use this to avoid the aggravations of trying to park your car there - it's estimated that there will be 45,000 people visit over the 3 days.
The bus will cost £12 per person on Saturday and £13 per person on Sunday

Monday 30th June

Trips by car to Glencairn, which has a lot of Covenanter history. This is in conjunction with the Clan Moffat UK group.

It is proposed that we will stay in Moffat during this time. You will need to make your own arrangements for accommodations – book sooner rather than later! Buses have been arranged to take people between Moffat and Stirling during this time (Friday night for PipeFest and Saturday through Monday for Bannockburn Live), and even if you have a rental car, this might be a better idea than trying to drive and park in what will likely be a very congested area. There will be a charge for the buses.

There is also a per day ticket charge to attend the Bannockburn festivities, and you should purchase your own tickets for this.

Most Important!!! As you decide you will be attending next year’s AGM in Scotland, please let us know so we can keep abreast with planning for things in Scotland. We need numbers for the following events:

  • Thursday evening reception and meal at Moffat House Hotel
  • Friday evening buses to PipeFest in Stirling*
  • Saturday buses to Bannockburn*
  • Sunday buses to Bannockburn*
  • Monday buses to Bannockburn*

* - there will be a charge for this to cover the bus rental. Once this is known it will be advised here.

Please send eMail to to let us know how many are going on each of the days as listed above.

If you have questions, send us an eMail.






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