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John William Charlton Moffat

13 December 2016 - News today that John Moffat (17 Jun 1919 - 11 December 2016) (Clan Moffat Genealogy, Wikipedia), the British Naval Fleet Air Arm Pilot credited with firing the torpedo that crippled the German battleship Bismarck during World War Two, had died aged 97.

John was the pilot of the Fairey Swordfish plane that flew low over the water and fired a torpedo at the Bismarck, jamming its rudder so the battleship became unmanoeuverable and the British Navy fleet could catch up to it and sink it.

John was a member of the Clan Moffat UK group and attended a number of their AGMs in Moffat, Scotland.

Moffatana Issue 4 2016

27 November 2016 - Moffatana has gone digital. If you are a member of the Clan Moffat Society, and we have an eMail address for you, you will have received an eMail with the details of how you can download and view the latest issue of Moffatana for 2016. The eMail includes the UserID and Password you need to be able to access the 4 issues of Moffatana published during 2016. The file is over 10MB, so please be patient as you try to download it. See the Moffatana link on the left of this page.

13 November 2016 - Next year's2017 Edinburgh Military Tattoo has an interesting theme - the theme is "A Splash of Colour" and they are having a Clan Chief as their guest each night of the Tattoo from 4th to 26th of August 2017.

Our Chief, Madam Jean Moffat of that Ilk will be the guest on Friday 11th of August (the night before the Clan Moffat UK group's AGM in Moffat, Scotland), and we now need lots of Moffats - hopefully wearing Moffat Tartan to also be in attendance that night.

100 tickets will be set aside for Clan Moffat members** to purchase through the online booking system for tickets.

Here is an outline of the plan from Bunty Davies of the Clan Moffat UK group

We plan to hire a coach from Moffat to Edinburgh and return.

Madam Jean will be asked to take the toast with the Pipe Major.

We will be going on to the Castle Esplanade as a group then moving to our own seats for the event.

100 tickets will be available in the arena for our Clan Members to book.

Seats can be booked from mid November 2016 but no later than 1st March 2017.

Not more than 8 tickets can be bought by any one Clan Member.

However a password which has been allocated to our Clan must be used when booking seats.

For those of you who are interested in attending send eMail to Roger Moffat - - and I will send you the details on how to log in to get the reserved tickets.

Also we need to keep a list of the names of all Clan members who wish to travel by coach from Moffat. Please let Roger Moffat know who and how many will be in your group.

Please look on the Tattoo website for the seating plan and costs of the seats in the various areas.

Any questions - send an eMail to the address above.


**You don't have to be a member of the Clan Moffat Society or Clan Moffat UK groups to be a Clan Moffat Member.

7 July 2015 - Killed in the 7th July 2005 bomb attack on the London Underground, Head of Marketing for Girl Guiding UK, Anne Moffat: "shed so much light on so many other people's lives" before she fell victim to the deadly July 7 mission, the inquest heard today. Born on Christmas day 1956, her brother Chris described her as "a Christmas gift to all who knew her". In a statement read to the court he said: "You never really appreciate the light emitted by a candle in a darkened room until the candle is extinguished. This sums up Anne as she shed so much light on so many other people's lives." The inquest heard that Ms Moffat, 48, worked for Girl-guiding UK for some 20 years, eventually rising to become head of marketing and communication. She had enjoyed gardening and reading. "Everyone who ever knew Anne respected her qualities of honesty and integrity," Mr Moffat said. "She would always put others ahead of herself, showing her caring and giving nature." The inquest heard that Ms Moffat had studied art in Hull before moving to London, but she returned to the family home in Old Harlow, Essex, in 1996 to look after her ailing mother, who died in 2002. She had been on her way to work when she was caught in the explosion caused by 22-year-old Shehzad Tanweer. When she was found in the aftermath of the blast on the Aldgate train, a Make Poverty History booklet was discovered in her handbag, the inquest was told.

12 May 2015 - added pages for the next 2 Clan Moffat Society AGMs to be held at Warwick, Rhode Island in 2016 and Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2017.

15 Nov 2014 - updated the page about this year's Clan Moffat Society AGM in Alabama 29 April through 2 May 2015. Registration form is on the linked page.

30 March 2013 - updated the page about this year's Clan Moffat Society AGM in Oregon 17 July through 20 July 2013. Registration form is coming, but not there yet...

10 April 2012 - updated the page about this year's Clan Moffat Society AGM in Virginia 30 August through 2 September 2012, including a PDF file for the Registration form..

8 March 2012 - added information about this year's Clan Moffat Society AGM in Virginia 30 August through 2 September 2012.

29 July 2011 - added Photo Galleries of the 2011 Clan Moffat Society AGM in Lexington, Kentucky.

2011 Clan Moffat Society AGM Group Photo

24 July 2011 - here's the group picture we took at the end of the 2011 AGM Banquet.

20 January 2011 - added the Registration Form for events happening in and around Lexington, Kentucky for the Clan Moffat Society AGM 21 - 24 July 2011.

15 June 2010 - added the Registration Form for events happening in and around Moffat during 5th to 8th August 2010.

5 February 2010 - added a page with details of this year's AGM to be held in Moffat, Scotland. Note the details, and that there is a survey to find out if you're planning to attend, and some questions about points of interest while there - we need this information to be able to help the Clan Moffat UK group plan for the appropriate numbers.

Major Moffat Bagpipe Music

3 February 2010 - added a page of bagpipe music for the tune "Major Moffat" written in 2000 to honour Major Francis Moffat. The music was written by Charles Moffitt Lineberry and arranged by Laurie Esther Moffitt. (Click image to see full size).

14 January 2010 - Happy New Year. An online petition is asking President Obama to "sign a National Tartan Day Presidential Proclamation recognizing April 6th of each year, in perpetuity, as a National Holiday Observance, thus placing National Tartan Day on the official United States of America calendar". This has already taken place in the US Senate in 1997 and the US House of Represenatives in 2005. Click here to add your voice to this petition.

Richmond Tent Staff

30 October 2009 - From the Richmond Highland Games. An image supplied by Dick Badger shows the "staff" at the Moffat tent during the recent Richmond Highland Games.
From left to right: Frank Maffett, Dick Badger, Rachel Moffitt, Norm Moffett, Joey Moffitt, Debra Moffett.
(Click image for a larger version).

Virginia Scottish Games

5 September 2009 - From the Virginia Scottish Games. An image supplied by Dick Badger shows the "staff" at the Moffat tent during the recent Virginia Scottish Games.
From left to right: Dick Badger, Trey Moffitt, Rachel Moffitt, Chris Badger (front), Norm Moffett, Joey Moffitt, Debra Moffett, Michael McCrory, Carrie McCrory , Frank Maffett.
(Click image for a larger version).

Beef Tub Certificate

4 September 2009 - We Did It!!!!!! Clan Moffat Society raised $2,420 towards the Devils Beef Tub and Corehead fundraising. This was sent to the Borders Forest Trust, who managed to raise the required £700,000 (approx $US1,150,000) to be able to purchase the Corehead property. Clan Moffat Society is now a stakeholder in Corehead of 3 acres. See this page for the certificate we received and a copy of the letter of thanks from the Borders Forest Trust. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO CONTRIBUTED!!!!

1 September 2009 - added a photo gallery of a few photos taken at The Gathering 2009 in Edinburgh. Photos taken/provided by Adam Moffat (8 photos) and Betty and Ian Telford (photo of John Moffat).

28 April 2009 - updated the page about the Clan Moffat Society 2009 AGM being held in Ventura, California - the Registration Form is now available for download.

29 January 2009 - updated the page with details of the Clan Moffat Society 2009 AGM being held in Ventura, California.

19 January 2009 - added a page with details of the fund raising initiative to help the Borders Forest Trust raise £700,000 to purchase the Corehead farm, which includes the historic Devil's Beef Tub. If we can raise at least £250 (abt $360) through The Moffat Foundation, the Clan Moffat Society will be able to become a stakeholder and so have the name Moffat attached to the property.

22 November 2008 - added a link to Kentucky Barrels - a company that makes specialty wood items, including barrels, with the Clan Moffat crest laser engraved on them.

7 August 2008 - the Clan Moffat UK website contains a couple of articles written by Colin Moffat about the origins of the name Moffat and some notes about the Auldton Motte.

9 July 2008 - added a page with first details of the 2009 Clan Moffat Society AGM to be held in Ventura, California from 8 to 11 October 2009.

28 November 2007 - added a link to The Gathering 2009 - a gathering called by Lord Jamie Sempill for 25-26 July 2009 - "...Over the weekend the largest highland games ever to have been held in Edinburgh will play host to the greatest international clan gathering to have taken place on Scottish soil...."

19 November 2007 - added registration form and hotel information about the 2008 Clan Moffat Society AGM in Chicago

16 September 2007 - a notice received...

Gravestone Dedication Ceremony to honor Cpl. Theodore W Moffett, Co. D 26th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry.

Cpl. Moffett, a Philadelphia native, was a painter, coach-maker, and mechanic who enlisted, at the age of 35, in May 1861, and was severely wounded at the battle of Gettysburg in July 1863. Returning home after the War, his crippled left arm was virtually useless due to his wounds. In spite of his injuries, he raised a family and became a proud member of the GAR. He died on Feb. 4, 1899 and was buried in Hillside Cemetery in an unmarked grave, where he lay, forgotten by all, for over 100 years.

Through the efforts of his great, great granddaughter, Anita Corcoran of Delran, NJ, a Civil War Veteran's gravestone was obtained from the VA. A ceremony to dedicate the stone will take place at 11 AM on Sat. Sept. 22nd at Hillside Cemetery, Roslyn, PA.

The ceremony will be led by Civil War re-enactors from the 26th and 28th PVI and members of the Anna M. Ross Camp #1 Sons of Union Veterans of Philadelphia and Baker-Fisher Camp #101 Sons of Union Veterans of Hatboro.

The ceremony will include a benediction, laying of a wreath on the grave, the playing of taps, and a live-fire by uniformed Civil War re-enactors.

21 August 2007 - added a page with preliminary details of the AGM in 2008 in Chicago 19 - 22 June

17 July 2007 - added a photo gallery of some pictures from the Clan Moffat Society AGM and Halifax Highland Games in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

25 June 2007 - added a link to contact John Moffett the Editor of Moffatana.

12 January 2007 - Happy New Year - schedule and registration forms for the 2007 AGM in Halifax, Nova Scotia are posted here.

1 Nov 2006 - details of the upcoming 2007 AGM are posted here.

10 May 2006 - details of a new CD containing scanned images of 5 olde books that are of interest to Moffat researchers. The CD is available for purchase on the QuarterMaster page.

8 May 2006 - new QuarterMaster page posted. Contains images of the items available for order, along with pricing and ordering details.

8 May 2006 - updated page about the 2006 Clan Moffat Society AGM in Richmond. All details are posted as well as a PDF file to download if you wish to register to attend this.

2 March 2006 - a link to another Moffat DNA project under way... We are primarily looking at the colonial family lines of American Moffats.

24 January 2006 - Added details of the upcoming 2006 Clan Moffat Society AGM to be held in Richmond, Virginia 26 - 19 October 2006.

4 January 2006 - Happy New Year. I've added a photo album of some of my pictures taken in Moffat in August 2005 at the AGM.

Much work has continued on the genealogy database which is updated regularly online - mainly working on sorting out the place names, but added several new genealogies also - now has 67,993 records in the file.

22 September 2005 - updated genealogy online today with nearly 1000 new entries.

21 August 2005 - back from a great time in Moffat for the 2005 AGM with both the US and UK groups participating. More information will follow, but I wanted to post this note from David Kennedy Moffat that I received when I enquired as to his well being after an incident with a pony drawn buggy at the Border Gathering in Dumfries on Sunday 12 August...

Glad you both got home safely and that you enjoyed yourselves and found the Gathering worthwhile, I think a lot will have come out of it in the medium to long term. The Symposium was way better than my wildest expectations, simply epic. A lot of the success of the gathering came from the atmosphere and that came from all the people attending it.

Thanks for your concern, could you tell everyone that I'm fine but was stunned and pretty sore on Sunday and had a stiff neck and jaw on Monday morning. The swelling and stiffnesss has gone though it is still a little tender round the wound. As you may know it was the pneumatic tyre that split apart just before the jump and flailed onto my neck and jaw just in front of my ear, somehow the inside of my lip got split as well. I've had worse and reckon I got off lightly considering what could have happened.

Women drivers eh !? Actually she did extremely well to keep things together and avoid a disaster.



So it wasn't as first thought the pony that stepped on David.

3 March 2005 - added a link to a web site in Argentina dealing in things Scottish. (Note site is in Spanish).

2 December 2004 - updated information about 2005 AGM in Moffat Scotland, including links to the online registration, and a PDF file to download containing information on the pre-AGM Tour of Scotland, the AGM time in Moffat and the post-AGM tour to Paris.

16 November 2004- added more details, about the plans including pricing, for Moffat 2005 - the trip to Moffat, Scotland for the AGM and the Border Clans Gathering.

5 November 2004 - added a link to a page about Maffetts by member Michael Maffett.

22 October 2004 - added a page about the upcoming Moffat Reunion - for descendants of Harry Henry Moffat and Jane Roddy - to be held in Fort St. John, British Colombia, Canada July 30 - Aug 1 2005.

21 October 2004 - updated genealogy database online today. 65,680 individuals, and quite a few updates and fixes to existing data. This may be the last update in this format - it now comprises 111,884 files and folders which need to be copied to the web server!!!.
A new version of the Clan Moffat Society genealogy is now presented online at This presentation requires moving a single (GEDCOM) file to the server, so is MUCH easier to update.

20 October 2004 - added pages with pictures from the 2004 Clan Moffat Society AGM.

6 June 2004 - added some pictures of "The Moffat Guard" dressed in their Reiver outfits, and also a link to a Border Reivers web site.

2 June 2004 - back from the 2004 Clan Moffat Society AGM, and an updated genealogy database is online today. File now has 65,650 iindividuals in it.

8 April 2004 - updated genealogy database online today. File now has 65,575 individuals in it (up from 63,154), with the addition of a number of Moffits in Michigan, Maffets in Pennsylvania, and other new information on a number of family groups. Also added some more pictures, mainly of various headstones - some in Scotland, and more in the USA.

8 March 2004 - preliminary details of the 2005 Clan Moffat Society Gathering and AGM in Moffat, Scotland are now available here

24 February 2004 - details of the 2004 Clan Moffat Society Gathering and AGM in Costa Mesa, California are now available here.

3 November 2003 - added a link to Scottish Music Online - a site where you can purchase and download a range of Scottish music

17 September 2003 - added notes about the Clan Moffat Society AGM held on Friday 28 September 2003 in Calgary, Alberta Canada, including some notes on the John Ward Moffitt legacy.

17 September 2003 - added pictures taken during the Clan Moffat Society AGM in Calgary 28 - 31 August.

6 June 2003 - added a link to the Moffat Genealogy of County Longford site run by Tom Moffatt.

5 May 2003 - Updated the genealogy database to incorporate the latest changes and additions. Database now has 63,154 individuals listed in it

16 March 2003 - Details of the 2003 Clan Moffat Society Gathering and AGM in Calgary Alberta, Canada are now available here.

11 March 2003 - I've been plugging away at the genealogy database during the Winter making additions as submitted by Members and non-Members alike. A new version should appear online "soon". To date just over 1,000 people have been added, the total currently is 60,434.

Clan Moffat UK group have organised a Clan Moffat DNA Project to tap into this 21st Century technology as a possible assist in genealogy. Contact Gordon Crammond for details.

18 October 2002 - Added photo pages of the Tennessee Highland Games and the Clan Moffat Society AGM Dinner

19 September 2002 - The genealogy database is updated to coincide with the publishing of the Clan Moffat Society Membership Directory, Nearly 4000 people have been added to the database since it was last published online, the total number of people listed is now 59,418.



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